About Me

Gregory Day holding a completed and framed commissioned portrait of 3 greyhounds


Living with my young family in our busy house in Staffordshire and driven by a passion for great design and bold visually striking imagery I specialise in creating hyper detailed and exclusive canine portrait art pieces.


Influenced by photographers and artists such as Platon, Martin Schoeller and Drew Struzan I’ve always been fascinated by the fine details in portrait images. These subtleties can often reveal so much about the subject, who they are and the life they’ve lead. As such my work is born out of a desire to portray each of my subjects honestly, with larger than life contemporary images that give the viewer a strong sense of affinity and closeness to them.

Largely self taught and working from my studio in Staffordshire I began my professional career undertaking pet portrait commissions for private clients. I want each of my one of a kind portraits to truly convey an impression of what it’s really like to meet each of my canine subjects, and I feel extremely lucky to be able to work with these amazing, surprising dogs, the experience of which is always tremendous fun and hugely rewarding.


There’s a fine art to successfully exploring a subject. My philosophy is very simple, whilst completing original canine portrait commissions for my clients my passion is to craft emotive high end art pieces that truly celebrate each subject’s extraordinary personality and natural individuality. By working closely with skilled printers & framing professionals and crafting portraits with an emotive mix of storytelling, design and creativity I aim to give the viewer the opportunity to almost feel the texture of their dog’s coat on their fingertips as they look at my work on the wall of their family home for many years to come.


Each of my portraits are created directly from high definition photographs that I take during an initial studio sitting with my subject. They’re not hand drawn or painted copies of the images but the original photographs themselves meticulously refined into a one-off completely unique hyper detailed composite portrait using an organically developed artistic process. This allows me to explore each of my subjects with honest, lifelike and tactile portraits that accurately capture and celebrate every single hair and preciously special physical characteristic in unequalled detail.

Close-up of a portrait of a brown and white German Pointer
Gregory Day Animal Art, an amazing experience from start to finish
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