Rhodesian Ridgeback dog pet portrait

How are your commissioned portraits created?
Each commissioned portrait starts life as a selection of finely detailed photographs produced during an initial home sitting with my canine subject. I take my photography studio to my subject’s home as this is generally where they feel at their most relaxed. Following the sitting I’ll produce a small selection of initial portrait mock-ups from the photographs taken during the sitting and you’ll then use these to decide on the final composition of your portrait. Once the final composition has been confirmed I then use refined manual digital techniques to carefully craft the original photographs into completely unique pieces of portrait wall art, with each portrait taking approx. 35 hours to complete.

How accurate are your portraits?
My portraits are created directly from the actual photographs taken during the initial photographic sitting with the subject. They’re not hand drawn or painted copies of the photographs, they are the original photographs themselves carefully crafted into a highly detailed portrait. As such each completed portrait is a 100% accurate representation of the subject.

Which geographical areas do you cover?
I’m based in the Midlands in South Staffordshire and cover the whole of the UK. Wherever you are in the country I bring my camera and studio to you for the initial sitting and your final art piece is securely shipped to you once completed. If you’re local to myself I’ll often deliver your finished portrait to you in person.

How much does a dog portrait commission cost?
Prices for an original mounted and framed 15″x 12″ finished portrait start at £450.

What size of area will you need to work in during the sitting?
Space required is dependent on the size of the dog that I’m photographing, the larger the subject the more space I’ll need to work in. As a basic minimum though I’ll need a dry indoor area with a flat, unobstructed floor space measuring at least 3m x 3m in which to set up my mobile photographic studio equipment (white background and studio flash head).

Who will need to be there during the initial photography sitting?
Sittings are always much more successful when your hound is accompanied by 2 of their favourite dog lovers to help them during the shoot. Having only a single helper present to assist the subject can greatly limit the number and range of useable photographs that I’ll be able to capture during the sitting, unless your dog is well trained to command…

framed portrait of a Rhodesian Ridgeback and Heinz 57 dog
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black and white framed portrait of a Rhodesian Ridgeback and Heinz 57 dog

…Will I need to get my dog groomed before the sitting?
Your dog doesn’t have to be groomed for the sitting but they will definitely need to be clean. Each portrait is crafted directly from the high definition photographs taken during the sitting, they’re not drawn or painted copies of the photographs. As such if there are particles, dirt, moulted or stray hairs etc. on your dog’s coat at the time of the sitting they’ll also be on your final portrait. Your dog will need to look on the day as you want them to look in their portrait.

How long will the initial photography sitting last?
There’s no set time limit. Every sitting is different as every dog has their own unique personality and I’ll work until I have a full range of photographs from which I’ll then craft your portrait. In general though, sittings generally take 1-2 hours from my arrival to departure.

My dog gets nervous around strangers, will this be OK?
Yes, that’s fine. If this is the case I’ll make sure to set aside extra time when I arrive to get to know them and help to put them at ease by allowing them to get used to my photographic equipment before we start the sitting.

My dog isn’t trained, will this affect the sitting?
Dogs with no training can sometimes be difficult to photograph and this can limit the range of images that I can capture. However, by taking our time and working patiently we should be able to get the best out of your dog.

What should I have with me during the sitting?
Having your dog’s favourite toy or treats handy will definitely help me to get the very best out of them.

I have a specific pose in mind. Can you include it in my portrait?
Yes, that’s more than fine. Let me know if there are particular shots that you want in your portrait (eg. holding a favourite toy) and I’ll do my best to capture them for you.

How long do your dog portraits take to complete?
With current workloads it’s generally taking 6-8 weeks to produce your wall art from the point of final confirmed ordering and once it’s been professionally crafted and quality checked I’ll contact you to arrange delivery.

How and when do I need to pay for my portrait?
Payment is made in 2 stages. Once we’ve agreed a date and time for the initial photography sitting that suits you and your hound I’ll email you a booking invoice and by paying your sitting fee your sitting date will be confirmed. Following the sitting, you’ll review the portrait mock-ups and we’ll decide upon the composition of your portrait. I’ll then invoice you for the remaining balance before crafting your final highly detailed art piece. As every portrait is individual to the client the outstanding balance must be paid before I commence work on the final portrait. In all cases payment is preferred by bank transfer.

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